EgeoTell AI Profiling and Demand Forecasting - A future with no surprises

Customer Profiling, High-Performance Demand Forecasting & Planning

Solution description

You will be in position to dramatically improve revenue and reduce costs by accurate profiling & forecasting for gas and power production and consumptions.

Using advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics combined with deep gas and power engineering you will be able to:

• analyze consumptions in multiple dimensions, like:

o consumer segments,

o nature of business,

o size,

o geo-demographic position,

o particular economic performance and generic economic indicators,

• group customers easily in segments with similar behavior,

• accurately infer consumption for customers with no meter data,

• forecast accurately customer consumption needs in dependency of variability in time of identified constraints

• avoid potential penalties generated by inaccurate daily nominations

• calculate back-allocation of consumptions

• simulate consumption or delivery scenarios under manipulation of controllable variables and ultimately

• increase profitability by optimizing delivery plans according to economic objectives

Key benefits
  • Accurate customer consumption forecast
  • Retain profitable customers
  • Reliable delivery plans
  • Increase profitability
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