ActumPro AI Real-Time Plan Execution Optimization - Intelligent operations manager

Operations and resources planning, budgeting, optimization, monitoring and real-time adjustment

Solution description

With ActumPro the starting point of the annual planning process will be the capability to dragging the key operational targets automatically from the strategic plans and dropping them intuitively into operational activity plans, by operational planners, these being critical capabilities for a successful operational plan building and its further execution.

Meeting key operational performance targets can be considered one of the main operational plan execution drivers for many sites, departments and plants in many complex economic sectors.

Built on the most advanced planning and execution methodology, ActumPro brings you significant improvements in:

• operational planning efficacy

• domain expert libraries for standards when planning individual activities in each operational domain

• budgeting

• stock minimization and optimization

• assets and resources utilization efficiency

• operational performance

• safety and investment returns.

ActumPro - Platform Architecture

ActumPro - Platform Architecture

Key capabilities

With the ActumPro family of software solutions you will be in position to:

• Plan operational activities and budgets more reliably

• By a bi-directional integration with existing ERP for activities planning, resources allocation, costs, etc., activities could be imported from ERP or created in ActumPro and then exported to ERP

• Better predict and control the qualitative outcome

• Assure safety

• Weight better performance indicators for operational governance

• domain expert libraries for standards creation and utilization with predefined logic

• Stock and purchase (logistic) plans to ensure the feasibility of the activities defined in the operational plans

• Detect and forecast in real-time and rolling mode deviations from time, cost and quality expectations in multiple time frames, while monitoring the plan execution, avoiding so premature shutdowns and any other kind of surprises in operations

• Diagnose quickly and accurately the causes of unexpected irregularities for critical activities

• Optimize adjustments preventively

• Real-time control and minimization of stocks and costs

• Reports are sent to corporate repositories for archiving and further back-office utilization. Reports are issued in pre-set or ad-hoc forms. With ActumPro, reporting is made easy, especially the ones required in ad-hoc mode, in ad-hoc formats, sent to a large variety of external systems

• Optimize and streamline safety and operational procedures while controlling and optimizing the economic bottom line of your operations.

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