AdAstra AI Operational Performance Improvement - Your digital assistant for Operational Performance Assurance

Right time monitoring of Operational Performance, alerting on deviations from expected, easy diagnose, improvement decision support.

AdAstra is on one hand a business environment which enable managers of complex organizations and their stakeholders to plan operational performance objectives and goals, to a significant structural depth, as well as to agree on KPIs measuring the organization’s achievement. On the other hand it helps operational management and organizations to monitor in right time the performance, being alerted on critical deviations, fast diagnose these, and take the right improvement decisions according to TPM (Total Productivity Management) principles. In fact AdAstra accellerates significantly the TPM process, enabling thus break-through Operational Performance Excellence.

Built on the most advanced analytical technologies, AdAstra brings you significant improvements in:

• Operational Strategy Implementation according to Accelerated TPM Principles

• Operational Planning

• Operational Monitoring, Governance and Reporting

• Continuous Operational Improvement

AdAstra - Platform Architecture

AdAstra - Platform Architecture

Key capabilities:

With the AdAstra family of operational performance management dashboards you will be in position to:

• Operational performance planning efficacy

• KPI definition

• Right time performance monitoring and alerting deviation from expected

• Fast diagnostics

• Automatic ranking of operational issues

• Collaborative decision support

• Evaluation of improvement success


• Production increased by 2-3% annually in the first 3 years of use

• Reduced costs by 5-10% annually

• Unplanned Shutdowns reduced by 80% in the first year of use

• Average production and quality expectations exceeded

• Facility and equipment availability increased by 25% annually in the first 3 years of use

• Staff and asset productivity increased by 45% annually in the first 3 years of use

• Industrial process disruptions and corrective maintenance reduced by 30% annually in the first 5 years of use

• Regular inspection and preventive interventions and maintenance steadily reduced and replaced by the more effective and cost efficient predictive intervention and maintenance campaigns

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