Data Integration, Analysis and Reporting

Data integration:

We can help you better understand and describe the actual stage of your company setting up or improving data collection & storage systems, joining data from multiple sources with data cleansing, integration processes, validation synchronization and security.

Even more, we can share with you industry best practices, most performant ‘habits’ used by iconic companies worldwide.

Business Intelligence Reporting:

• Business reporting by predefined and ad-hoc dashboards on hierarchical structure is the basic level for you.

• Monitoring KPIs and performance tracking will be your next level

• Prediction and prescription will place you ahead, in front of the others by dimensions like:

o analysis of operations - manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, customer services in terms of productivity, cycle time, turnaround, cost of production to measure past performance

o compare current performance to past performance, benchmarks, variance from norm and other such metrics.

Alerts & Notifications

• Create alerts to identify potential problems and opportunities in advance

• Deliver automated notifications and email reports with predefined reports