AdmoWell AI Well Portfolio Production Optimization - O&G Production improvement and optimization

With the AdmoWell family of software solutions you will be in position to:

• Significantly improve well performance

• Decide on efficient well revitalization and drilling activities

• Increase recovery of your reserves

• Extend life of your fields benefiting of a better economic bottom line of your operations and portfolio of assets.

Since AdmoWell solution suite contains domain knowledge embedded into the advanced software technology, you will achieve beneficial results irrespective if your staff’s experience with the types of wells and reserves under consideration is high or low.

Key Capabilities

Data Explorer module captures the well and field production status and displays the information in a perceptive style as an automatic process in different kind of charts (heat map, tree map, pie, bar, scatter) and tables. In addition, it transforms automatically raw data into meaningful information

Production Analysis helps you:

• improve significantly the efficiency and effectiveness of your well production data interpretation process

• to its unique key features belong:

- automatic well lifecycle segregation, which identifies each production phase in the well’s life through well improvement, idle setting and revitalization events;

- oil, gas, water and condensate production analysis which automatically smoothen data profiles, correlates oil, gas, water or condensate production trends to each other (depending on well type) in order to determine signatures in well behavior and enriches well production understanding with additional significant parameters like initial oil production rate, production decline/incline rates for oil, gas, water and condensate, permeability, skin factor, as well as other smart parameters;

• pressure analysis gained from explicit (well tests, transient analysis, PVT of oil, gas and water, well design and completion, etc.) or implicit (derived from oil, gas, water and condensate production behavior) information, which enriches pressure behavior understanding with additional parameters like initial value, effective slope, bottom hole, static, tubular, absolute open flow, build up pressures, IPR, virtual well tests, etc.

Instead of spending time on preprocessing and making assumptions, your well, reservoir and production engineers will use the impressive richness of information to understand significantly better and at faster speed the status and productivity of your wells in your portfolio, prepare reports for operations, asset and corporate management and setting a uniquely solid basis for taking decisions concerning asset and production improvement decisions.

Clustering module, by using data mining, machine learning, clustering and other high-end analytical techniques, groups automatically production lifecycle phases of your wells in classes with similar production behavior (signatures).

This will help your production and asset management departments to:

• organize your well portfolios in behavior and productivity classes

• will enable your well, production and reservoir engineers to get quickly a first forecasting assessment, for as many wells as possible, of their production behavior

• will enable the management to make a first segregation assessment between good and bad wells among your currently producing wells.

Simulation module explains and forecasts comprehensibly the process dynamics in the well’s drainage areas without the need of a full reservoir simulation system:

• it is the only software simulation system able to do short-term forecasting of the dynamic processes occurring in a producing or shut-in well, enabling:

- accurate forecast of pressure build-up and draw-down

- oil production decline, in correlation with water and gas production incline in oil well, or

- gas production decline in correlation with incline of other phases

• helps your production and asset management departments to get a fast and effective detailed assessment of the production and productivity potential of all your wells in all your portfolios (producing, idle, in process of drilling, in plan), under consideration of multiple engineering and economic aspects

• contributes to taking right decisions about:

- intervention for producing wells,

- idle wells to be revitalized,

- as well as the best timing and improvement and revitalization measure types.

Economic Valuation module calculates individually or automatically in batch:

• the value and economic performance of each well in your portfolios of wells,

• as well as the value and economic performance of:

- fields,

- groups of wells

- and any other category of production assets.

• It enables your operation, asset and corporate management to monitor, plan and improve at a reach of a button:

- the value of your assets,

- control costs and economic output

- take fast the right investment decisions.

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